The Taste of a Brighter Tomorrow

The Marley Coffee

What makes Marley Coffee stand apart from other coffees?

FirstA skilled Cupper personally visits the plantations around the world, selecting the finest green Arabica beans for purchase.

SecondOur skilled Master Roaster will coax the favor from the bean by using the Old European German style of slow roasting in Probat Roasters: passive roasting, whereby rather than us roasting the beans, we allow the beans to be roasted. By this we mean that we hand roast each batch slowly, carefully controlling the heat and air flow, and adjusting to the air temp, barometric pressure and humidity. Our method of roasting takes approximately 14 minutes per batch. When the beans are fully developed, we then gently smoke the beans to enhance the aroma and flavor.

ThirdOur artisan way of roasting is followed by air-cooling, whereby we don’t quench our beans at the end of the roasting process.  While this would allow us to roast faster, quenching the coffees lessens the yield, and impedes the flavor, aroma and shelf life of the coffee. We then package the freshly roasted beans, or ground coffee, immediately in order to deliver the freshest coffee.

The Taste of a Brighter Tomorrow

This is a story of a tiny revolution, representative of thousands of similar revolutions taking place all over the world. It is a story of the sustainable farming movement and about Marley Coffee, a coffee company raising the bar for responsible farming.

If we are to flourish in the coming century, we must embrace the idea that a successful business and an ethical business can be one in the same. Farmers who nurture their community and respect the earth offer new hope to rural Jamaica. The taste of a brighter tomorrow means moving toward a greener, more sustainable solution for single serve capsules and coffee drinkers too – the Recyclable Realcup™. Help us with the movement toward redemption- coming August 2015.

If Bob Marley had the chance to return to the farm, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The Taste of Marley

Every cup of coffee contains a story. A cup of Marley Coffee contains hope for a sustainable future. Join our revolution by caring where your food comes from and how it was grown.

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