About Soccerview

 Freelancing for the Caribbean and the Americas.

Innovative approach with images  your multi-platform publications/ *Soccerview* reaches out to all media outlets, traditional and non traditional, with this project, ideal for small-scale, local and community newspapers, blogs, social media networks, e-zines and newsletters and other platforms across the internet.

Soccerview mission is to cover the gap between the small-scale media outlets and media agencies.

30% of the funds comming to this project will benefit the*TPRF* Food for People Program, *PEP* Peace Education Program and *WSA* World Soccer Academy.

Be Captivated and Amazed, Soccerview!

A lifetime endeavour.  A woman. her passion for Life, her captivating affair with the art of Soccer and her affinity with the Viewfinder presents: Soccerview, an affordable photo Agency. A virtual rendition of moments  and memoirs lived as a street player, as an spectator, the apprenticeship and sharing the wealth of KNOWLEDGE.

Soccer Photo Archives

Subscribe *Attention*: Newspapers, Education, Community papers, bloggers subscribe to our image bank. A unique archive containing more than 250.000 images of official games, tournaments, friendlies, tributes  ready for download. An affordable image bank to assist You on publishing much more images of the Game.

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